If we cant stand behind it, we simply wont sell it.

Sasign International warrants against manufacturing defect:

  • All SMD (surface mounted) LED modules, PCB SMD strips and Edge-Lit assemblies for 5 years, except where clearly stated.
  • All Waterproof Power supply units, LED Control gear and Flexible LED strips for 3 years.
  • In-line and wall mount Power Supplies for 2 years.

LEDs naturally decay in brightness over time. This decay is completely normal, not a manufacturing defect, and should be expected. The rate of decay will usually be determined by conditions outside the manufacturers control. Heat, and, under / over powering are the main factors. Therefore, we highly recommend that LEDs are not exposed to temperatures beyond there operating range, and.the fitment of a timer, so that the LEDs are turned off for at least 5 hours in every 24 hour period.

We take no responsibility where LEDs have been over or under powered by using a non compliant or incorrectly matched power source. Our 5 year warranty is calculated at 19 hours per day – 35,000 hours on all installations and sold after July 1, 2013, against faulty materials and or assembly. unless otherwise specified.

Excluded from warranty are failures caused by the following conditions:

  • Incorrect use, being used outside their intended purpose of the LED modules/strips, flexible ribbon, Neon Flex or LED strips
  • Short circuit, or incorrectly wired circuits
  • Wrong connection of the power supply
  • The wrong Power Supply for the intended purpose, including overloading, or uneven loading where there is more than one low voltage output.
  • Mixing of different module/LED types wired in series.
  • Where no twilight switch or timer is installed on all SMD LED installations.
  • Any other failure attributable to circumstances outside our control
  • Water damage / Ingression due from operation outside the intended use / IP rating.

Replacement costs are to be discussed in mutual agreement. Sasign International is not responsible for any consequential damage to other devices, buildings or any associated reparation